Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hi Everyone

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my new blog. A little about myself first.  I am in my mid 40s, graduated to PhD level and have had a wonderful sex life with my partner for nearly 30 years.

I have been working as a researcher at university for many years and got bored with writing the sane type of thing.  I thought I would turn my hand to writing a book but was not sure where to start. I decided on writing a couple of short 13,000 books about a married couple separated by thousands of miles due to work commitments. They wrote sexy letters to each other. These have not sold well which is a dissapointment but not wholly unexpected as the style is different to any other erotic book I have read.

But my third book is more in depth with more descriptive language. It will be close to 40,000 words if not more.  Lots of erotic elements to it but it is essentially about the risks in modern society in having sex outdoors. What could happen if someone spots you and videos your play time.
This book hoepfully will be finished by the end of May.

Book 1 is free on Smashwords If you download it and like it please review it.

 More later......  

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