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Below are some extracts from my two books. I hope that you enjoy them. They are available at Amazon and KOBO.

Book 1 has 13,000 words. - Erotic Love Letters from Australia

My first book is now availanle on KOBO for FREE

Also my first book is currently free to download on Amzon for the next 3 days.


Bill was working away from home in Australia.  Away from his beloved wife Anne for 3 months he remained faithful to her.  He found it difficult as there were so many gorgeous voluptuous women strutting their wares along the sun baked beaches.  Women in his office wearing skirts so short when they bent over they showed him what they were hardly wearing.  G-strings sales had certainly taken off in Brisbane.  He often thought about how he would love to take them off with his teeth. 

But faithful he remained.  How did he manage this you may ask?

He overcame the temptation by writing erotic letters to his wife every week.  Letters that contained details of erotic dreams he had.  Dirty, slutty ones involving him and his wife at first; with the addition of ‘friends’ coming on the scene as the dreams got more and more outrageous.  The first series of short stories covered his erotic letters to Anne.  They got raunchier and raunchier as each week passes by. 

The second book contains the replies from Anne to Bill.   She was so turned on by his letters that she had to do something about it.  Read what she conjured up in these three new letters.  From making a video of self masturbation, a lesbian experience to a threesome.
Extract from chapter 2............
Last night I had such a wild sexy, horny dream that I masturbated twice. Once during the night and once before I started to write this letter to you. No doubt I will have another one latter today after I have posted it to you.
This latest dream relates to a time that actually happened to us when we went out looking for somewhere to a fuck outdoors for a change. Except this time a whole lot more happened than when we had our hour of fun that day.
We set off in our SUV for the local hills where we planned to find a spot that was safe enough to park up and have some great sex. We packed a small picnic of sandwiches and our favourite Spanish cava; some soft blankets for the back of the SUV. We had already dropped the rear seats down in preparation for what we hoped would much pussy and cock sucking.
As it was a very hot summer’s day you did not bother wearing panties. All you had on was a short skirt, a halter neck top and no bra. Your nipples pushed out through the thin material of your top, expressing how turned on you already were. They were like organ stops! To say it was turning me on already is an understatement. So we set off just before lunch. You continually teased me throughout the journey. Spreading you legs apart and flashing me glimpses of you bald pussy. You had even shaved off the pubic hair from your mound. It looked silky smooth.
When I over took a large truck. The driver looked into our car and the look on his face when he saw your legs spread wide apart was magical. A huge grin appeared on his face. So I slowed down so we were alongside him and you turned to him and lifted up your top flashing him your beautiful tits. He pointed down to your pussy so you put your feet up on the dashboard and spread your legs wide open and started to play with your clit. Enjoying putting on this great show you inserted two fingers deep inside what was now a very very wet pussy hole. The truck driver was not sure what to do look at the road ahead or stare down at your fingers driving in and out of your hole your juices clinging to them. We had a real laugh when we saw his arm moving up and down. I got you to open up your window and shout to him to stop doing that now. You told him to follow us to the next truck stop. Which he did. When we parked up next to his truck you told him to stay there and watch the show. With that you leant over and undid my fly zipper and my cock sprang straight out. Like you I went commando. You dropped your head down and opened your mouth and took my cock deep into your throat. The trucker was stunned by what he was watching.
After a short spell of your head bobbing up and down on my cock. You stopped sucking me and sat back up; once again putting your high heeled shoes up on the dash panel. You spread your legs as wide as you could, exposing your pussy lips to the trucker. Again, you could see his arm moving slowly up and down obviously stroking his raging hard on. You started to play with your clit flicking it up and down before settling down to a gentle circular motion. Occasionally you slid your finger down between the folds of your pussy and pushed it into your wet hole drawing it back up full of your wetness to keep the clit area nice and moist. You were building up to an orgasm when you suddenly stopped stroking your clit and brought your legs down. The trucker looked really pissed at that. But you had a surprise for him, and me.
What you did next I would never have thought was in you. You stood up lifted your skirt high up to your waist. Then lifted one leg and put it into the foot well of my side of the SUV. So there you were straddled between the two sides of the SUV. Your pussy lips were opened up and swollen, dripping moisture down on to the gear stick. The gear stick, no she wouldn’t do that would she? Well fuck me if you didn’t do just that. You bent your knees and squatted down on to the gear stick. The huge knob of the stick with its silver top glistening in the juices that had gathered there from your pussy was just touching your wet lips. Slowly, very slowly, you moved your body lower, the huge knob spreading your wet lips even wider. The trucker’s eyes and mine were equally as wide! Suddenly, the knob disappeared inside you. There you sat for a moment taking in the pleasure it was clearly giving you. Your eyes were glazing over such was the extent of your pleasure. You opened your window and told the trucker to stand up as you wanted to see him spurt his come all over his window.
Watching him wank himself off stroking his large but not huge cock, you started to move yourself up and down the gearstick. The knob of the stick never fully coming out of your pussy hole before you slipped back down on it. I moved my hand over and started to gently stroke your clit. This started you off on the way to your orgasm. You screamed at me to rub you harder. Which is unlike you, but you were in such a high state of lustfulness and exposing yourself doing something that simply is not you that you demanded rougher treatment. I rubbed your clit harder and harder trying to keep in time with your up and down movements. When you shouted that you were going to come you looked up at the trucker and said NOW! With that your orgasm ripped through your body, like static electricity bursting out from your insides. Your body started to shake violently. Your muscles tensed and hardened. Your juices flooded out of your pussy, I could see them running down the material that covered the gearstick and pooling in the well formed by the creases in the material.
All of this was happening just as the trucker’s cock started to vent its seed all over the truck window. There was jet after jet of the stuff splattering the window; it ran down slowly as it stuck there. As you came down from your orgasm you slowly lifted yourself off the gear stick and sat back in your seat pulling your skirt down, exhausted. The gear stick was covered in your pussy fluids. I was tempted to lick them off but I also got the urge to just drive the car knowing that every time I touched the gearstick I was touching where your pussy had been minutes earlier making my hand nice and wet.
With a big grin on your face you turned to the trucker and waved to him and said to me “Let’s go find a place to fuck I need some real meat inside of me”.
With that we roared off leaving a smug looking trucker with a story to tell all his mates. As if any of them would believe him!
After that wonderful bit of exhibitionism and damned right slutty display by you, we drove on. The scent of your exploits filled the SUV. It was so sexually arousing. We did not speak much for a while. We were both in the realms of shock of what had just happened. Eventually, you turned to me and said
“What do we do next? I never thought I could ever be so much of an exhibitionist as that. Are you ashamed of me?”
“Ashamed of you? You must be joking. I am incredibly proud that you had the courage to do what you did. As for lifting your skirt up and squatting down on the gearstick, what can I say? When can you do a repeat performance? I want to see you doing that whilst I wank all over your tits.”
“OK” you say. “How about tomorrow, we can drive out somewhere again but this time the pleasure will be just the two of us. I want you to save yourself today for fucking later. I want you to fuck me senseless with the hot sun scorching my ass as I fuck you cowgirl style. I want your cock spreading my pussy lips wide open. I want to feel your hot sperm flooding deep inside me. At least twice!”
This was music to my ears. I said to you
“Hearing you talk dirty has always been a turn on for me. But on this day you excelled yourself.”
When you suggested that perhaps we should have a quick stop off at a pub near to where we were going, so that we could get a bit of refreshment. I was a bit disappointed. But when you said,
”Then I can flash my bald wet cunt to some more strangers.”
I almost blew a load in my shorts. You never use that word to describe your pussy. So I knew, if I had any doubts, that we were in for one heck of a disgustingly sexy day. As it turned out that adjective was way below describing what happened later that day.
We eventually found a nice pub that was not far from where we wanted to go, tucked away in a small back road in the Quantock Hills. As we pulled into the car park it was like the exterior of an American western movie set. Four horses were tied up outside. We parked the car and you lifted up your skirt to check that your beautiful suntanned legs did not contain anything too obvious to what had gone on an hour before. You looked stunning; your face was radiating a glow that can only be described as exhilarating contentment.
We strolled into the pub holding hands like a young couple on their first date. The place was empty apart from one woman and three men that judging by their attire were the owners of the four horses tied up outside. We smiled at them and said hello. I ordered our drinks whilst you sat down at a table facing the two men. I immediately knew what you were up to. I thought to myself ‘Is there no stopping this woman today?’ It turned out that there was not.
I sat down opposite you and saw that your legs were already parted skirt hoisted up higher than it should have been and flashing your bald pussy at the two of the men. I turned to look at them catching them out looking between your legs. They were whispering to the other riders, telling them what they were looking at. They both turned to look; a big smile appeared on both their faces as they stared at your pussy lips. With that you closed your legs and grinning back at me like a naughty schoolgirl. Said to me
“That will do them for now.” “I want to know what you have planned for me this afternoon. Remember I want two loads of come from you. How do you intend to satisfy me?”
I replied “That is for me to know and you to wait and see.”
After a short while we finished out drinks and got up to leave. But as we did so, you simply could not resist flashing them once more as you wriggled out of your seat. I turned back and smiled at them waving them goodbye. One of them shouted out in a rather posh English accent
 “I hope you enjoy the afternoon, and thank you for the show.”
Once we were in the car seatbelts on and ready to go, you did nothing more than lift up your skirt and slowly slid your index finger along the slit that separated the folds of your pussy.
Book 2 has 14,200 words - Erotic Love Letters to Australia - Extract from  Chapter 2...........
My second is availale to buy from KOBO
Following on from my rather naughty evening after I read your fist letter; I was quite naughty wasn’t I? I do hope that you enjoyed the video; it was such an exciting thing to do for you.  When you get home maybe we can act out some of your letters and I know you want me to perform in front of you.
Not a great deal has happened this last week or so, only the same old mundane things that we women have to do every day.  But I did have a very naughty and sexy dream last night.   Let me tell you all about it.
I had gone to bed thinking about your first letter to me that describes what happened in the restaurant.  I was imagining what happened in the loo when I met the other woman that had removed her panties.  I thought of her catching me putting my panties into my bag and she promptly pulled hers out of her bag and whilst smiling said “Great stuff, naughty minds think alike.” She continued “I am going to give him such a great time tonight he is going to have to ask me to marry him!” With that she lifted up her skirt and showed me her shaved pussy.  It was completely bald and looked to be freshly shaved.  “I have even shaved off all my pussy hair for him.  He has been on at me for months to do it for him.  Well, now I have so he had better enjoy it.”  I stood there for a moment just staring at this stranger’s perfectly formed pussy.  It looked so neat and tidy.  Feeling brave and thinking what the hell.  I lifted up my skirt and said “Snap! Except I keep mine regularly shaved apart for the top bit here.  He loves it and the feeling I get when he goes down on me is sensational.  You will love it later.”  We dropped our skirts down and returned to our tables with the plan to flash at each other’s men, which is why you got such an eyeful of her pussy. 
With one hand on my pussy I fell asleep thinking of the fun we could have for real.
I started to dream about this woman and what she looked like.   I imagined her as a long haired brunette who is reasonably slim but not skinny; she had large breasts and was about my height at five foot five inches.  She was very pretty with deep sea blue eyes.  To look at the two of us together you would say we were sisters, except I am slightly thinner than her with smaller breasts and shorter and blonde hair.  I was dreaming that I had got fed up at home one Saturday afternoon and decided to go out and do some cheer me up shopping.  I drove to the local shopping mall and looked around a few shops.  I bought a nice pair of blue high heel shoes for when you get home.  A peacock blue low cut dress to go with them and a couple of sweaters for the chilly spring evenings.   I was about to go back to the car when I spotted a new shop that had opened, a shop full of what appeared to expensive fashionable sexy lingerie.  It was near to closing time so I hurried in to have a look.  I went straight over to the corsets and basques section looking for something in silk or soft leather.  After a few minutes of looking a woman came up behind me and asked if she could help me with anything.  When I turned around I was amazed to see the woman from the restaurant.  “Hi ya!” I said.  “I take it you work here?”
“No, well yes and no, I own the shop.  I opened it a few weeks ago.  Do you like what you see so far?”  She replied.
I said “Wow that is cool.  You own the place.  It is fantastic, all this beautiful lingerie.  I will definitely be buying some today.”   Looking around I continued “Is it OK for me to try stuff on?”
“Of course you can.  Look I am about to close up but you are more than welcome to stay as long as you like.  I will just go and lock the front door.” She said enthusiastically
I called out to her asking “How did it go after you got home from the meal? Did he like your shaven pussy? Or more to the point did you like what he did to you and did he ask you to marry him?”
She responded with “Yes, Oh yes, and yippee he did flashing her sparkling diamond engagement ring.  I keep it nice and bald all the time now.  It just feels nice against the soft material of my panties, when I wear them, which is not often these days.  After that night I like to feel air around my pussy when I wear a dress.”
I asked her “I know what you mean about that bit of freedom you get when not wearing any.  Are you wearing any now?”
“No.  Look” She said at the same time lifting up her dress.   Her pussy was as beautiful as it was the other week when I saw it.  Hairless and pert, just a dark slit separating the two halves of her entrance.   
I laughed and said”Ha Ha, nor am I look.” I lifted up my skirt and showed her my shaved pussy.  I do not know what it was but there was something stirring inside of me.  It was something that I had never felt before today.  I said to her “By the way my name is Anne.”
Holding out her hand for me to shake she replied “I am Carolyn.  I hope that we can become good friends now we have met again.” There was some emphasis on the good that I could not put my finger on.  It was sort of drawn out like gooood friends. 
I picked out a couple of items.  First there is a gorgeous deep blue silk camisole that had a lace see-through area around the breasts with a matching suspender belt.  Also a beautiful red and black satin corset that will, I hope, push up my tits giving a bigger cleavage.  I asked Carolyn if I could try them on.  “Of course you can.  Come with me.  I will help you.” 
That, for some reason was music to my ears.  I kept getting this little twitching in my pussy, the kind I get when I am feeling randy when you are home.  We went into the back area where the large changing rooms were fitted out with huge floor to ceiling mirrors.   I hung the garments up and started to undress.  Not that I had much on to take off.   Carolyn took my jacket from me and turned back to help me off with my dress.   She pulled the straps down over my shoulder and tugged them down my arms and over my hands.  In doing so, the top half of my dress fell down to my waste leaving me standing there in just my bra and dress hanging from my hips.   She knelt down and pulled the dress the rest of way down to my feet and I stepped out of it.   Her face was inches away from my bare pussy. 
She looked up at me and said.  “Are you getting turned on? I can smell your pussy scent.”
I must have gone scarlet in the face as I felt my whole body flush up.  My skin was getting hot and prickly.  She looked at me and just smiled saying “Do not worry about getting excited, when I saw you come into the shop my pussy started twitching straight away.   I have not been able to get the image of your pussy out of my head since we met at the restaurant.”
In an apologetic tone I replied “I have to be honest and say that I had not given it much thought, but after seeing it again today I have to admit I have had some stirrings going on inside of me.  My pussy feels moist.”
She stood up and looked me straight in the eyes, those beautiful big blue eyes of hers bore into me.  She said in a sexy husky voice that purred like a cat “If you like I can find out how wet you are.”
“Mmmm, I think I would like you to do that.” I said eagerly.
She wasted no time in moving her hand down across my right breast tweaking the nipple through my bra as she went, sending shivers down my spine at her touch.  It was a most unusual sensation being touched by another woman.  Her hands were so soft compared to any man I have been with.  She caressed my breast slowly moving her hand down to my stomach.  All the while she just looked me in the eyes.  Her eyes now had that wanton look.  The look of a woman that was becoming sexually aroused, there was desire in her eyes.  I looked beyond her and into the mirror and saw a similar pair of eyes, my own, filled with that same wanton desire. 
I could hold back no more and lifted my hand up and pulled her head towards me so that her lips came into contact with mine.   I kissed her hard.  I forced my tongue into her mouth and she responded passionately.  She filled my mouth with her tongue.  Our lips bonded together as though they were one.  I felt her hand move down past my waist and onto the side of my butt cheeks.  Unhurriedly, she moved her hand so that it was between us and just inches away from finding what it was looking for.  Her finger brushed my clit so lightly it felt like a wisp of air had drifted over it kissing the very tip.  So gentle was her touch.  Her finger moved down lower to the join between my clit and where my pussy lips parted.  Down it went, exploring my soft folds, down into the wetness that was building up inside of me waiting to be fully released by her finger.  She reached my entrance and left her finger lingering there.  I pushed my hips down and forward so that I could try and force her to enter me.  She ignored my movement and let her finger become wetter from what juices were flowing out of me.  She moved her finger back up to my clit.  Her movements around my clit were so soft and gentle it was sending me crazy with passion.  We were still were kissing hard, barely taking a breath.  Our breathing was getting guttural and fast, we were groaning with the pleasure we were giving each other. 
She went back to my entrance with her finger............................
My second is available to buy from KOBO
My first book is now available on KOBO for FREE
 Also my first book is currently free to download on Amzon for the next 3 days.
Here is book 2 Love Letter To Australia. BDSM lesbian female masturbation a great sexy ebook  Available from Amazon

Watch out for book 3

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